(Closed System)

Prices: 1 treatment $99

Three treatments $280


Gentle filtered water is used to fill the large intestine. A specialised abdominal massage is used to assist the release. Elimination of matter is disposed through a waste tube. Administered by a qualified health professional. A complete rundown of the process is given to each new client. Your Health Professional is experienced and offers the highest quality care and service.

The following conditions benefit from a Colon treatment plan.

✔ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

✔ Skin conditions

✔ Menopause

✔ Hormonal disorders

✔ Constipation

✔ Acute disease

✔ Chronic disease

✔ Detoxification

✔ Parasites

✔ Immune boost

✔ Dysbiosis (yeast✔candida infection)

 ✔ Unfriendly bacteria

✔ Bad breath

✔ Excessive gas

✔ Painful joints

✔ Mood swings

✔ Headaches

✔ Bloated Stomach

✔ Sluggishness

✔ Sleep disorders

Important Note:

It is very important to prepare for colon therapy. No food for two hours prior to the treatment. Fluids are encouraged.


Iridology also known as Iris Analysis -is  safe, non-invasive and painless. It is not a treatment therapy but rather a diagnostic tool used to detect underlying signs of developing disease. The goal of Iridology is therefore to recognise health problems at their earliest stages and to suggest ways to keep disease from developing.

The session will examine your eye with a slit lamp, penlight or magnifying glass. The examination and consultation should generally last an hour. Iridology can tell an individual if they have over or under activity in specific areas of the body.

Practitioner supplements, general supplements & superfoods are recommended to support your goals.


70 mins – $150

                                                                        90 mins – $200

                                                                            70 mins – $150

                                                                            90 mins – $200

This popular body treatment begins with skin brushing for a highly effective exfoliation, using natural salts and spices followed by a lymphatic massage where signature oil blends are massaged into the skin. The ultimate Pink Himalayan Salt scrub that follows will leave your skin with a radient glow.

A Spa treatment stimulates the removal of inner toxic waste out of the body, bringing about 

physical health and improved immunity.

Great for detox and weight-loss and compliments our other therapies.  Perfect for clearing negativity, emotional support and pampering your loved ones.


                                                                                                     1hr  Massage – $99

                                                                         2 hr  Kahuna Massage –  $220

To release toxins & muscular tension at a deep or surface lymphatic level. Massage 

relieves tension, relaxes the nervous system, improves circulation and promotes overall good health.

Price includes

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Aesthetic Massage

  • Lymph node Massage

  • Hot stone Massage

  • Deep Tissue

  • Bone massage

  • Energy Healing

Quantum Healing QH

                                                                          Price – $120

Restores memory intelligence gracefully into the cells!

Quantum Healing (QH) is the self-reflective act of your own being interacting with your cellular and dimensional levels, it enables you to find healing and balance. Your entire life experience is based on your human mind and your cosmic mind.  Your human body is made up of inherited genetic DNA, but your soul has its own DNA. This soul DNA is your astral memory of every event your consciousness has experienced. Throughout every experience you accumulate knowledge and experience which can affect how you see your current reality. The intelligence you develop throughout lifetimes can become distorted due to various factors. This distortion can be seen in manifestations; such as problems in the nervous or digestive system. When you can not change behaviours you want to change, when your intentions need to be amplified, then we can look to Quantum Healing to open new doors for you.

QH can be extremely beneficial in the elimination of health problems and their causes.  Sessions with your QH professional will teach you how to release cell memories and to access the information you have always possessed. You will gain the most from your relationships, resolve past life issues related to the present, and promote the natural path of ascension that we were all originally designed for.  

  • QH requires 3 sessions for optimal results. Discount of $30.00 applied to total price of a 3 pack session. Bookings must be made at time of payment.

Medical Hypnosis MH

                                                                                   Price – $120

MH therapy is a method of unlocking the inherent healing intelligence your body posesses and recalibrating the distorted intelligence of the body and mind.

Each time we relax we can access a trance state. This is where your MH practitioner makes suggestions with guided imagery to improve wellbeing in the body cellular.

Issues such as blood, lymph, tissue, bone, muscular, BP and diseases of the body and mind can be approached in a manner that will strengthen your focus to heal and improve your self-belief.

Medical Hypnosis offers a variety of techniques, so that the session can vary according to the patient’s personality, needs and goals.

Micah has worked with countless  people with illness and blockages over the years and found that if we believe in ourselves  and trust the nature and nurture process , we can eliminate the cell memories, blockages and limiting patterns dominating our blue print, that we can access a higher part of ourselves and unlock the door to other infinite worlds.

Detox Day:

DETOX – Give your body the gift of physiological optimisation. Perfect gift for a loved one in need of nurturing.

                             5 hours of detox treatments – $580


  • Colon Therapy

  • Spa scrub 

  • Lymph node massage

  • Sauna

  • Medical Intuitive therapy



 Price $2,000 

Includes 2 personal sessions per week @ $84 each

– 24 sessions must be paid up at time of booking.

Price Includes:

  • Consultation

  • Medical History Assessment

  • Aesthetic Massage

  • Lymph node Massage

  • Spa Scrub

  • Abdominal Massage

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Fitness & Nutrition

  • Meditation Session (Beginner or Advanced)

  • On-going Take Home Maintenance Pack

  • Medical Hypnosis

  • Quantum Healing

We will look closely at behaviours and locate your specific cell code, transforming your living system.  We can work together to identify the language of your body gaining a healthy relationship with yourself. We will educate you to feed yourself according to your metabolic rate and weight and teach you self-assessment to deal with power that is in your system. 

We can help you reach your personal goals for wellness quickly. The list of services included above are designed to detox every part of you. Target weight loss while nurturing your emotional body, changing your relationship with food and your body. The secret of the success of this programme will become clear to you very quickly. This is not a “weigh and measure only” style of programme.  The emotional, psychological and spiritual retraining you receive during this journey is invaluable. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED