Flowers and Healing Energy

Traditionally flowers were given to soothe the grieving, to celebrate a birth or to suggest a romantic gesture. Flowers are much more potent than we in this day and age know. Flowers support the data centers and the hormonal system of our body, and infact flowers have the alchemical energy to heal and support your emotional well-being too, (its like having a hug from your Granny) – leaving you comforted and loved whilst bringing you back to to your heart center. Yes indeed flowers can bring you back into the present moment and re-install your connection to the earth.

This magic happens when the science in the flower connects to our personal data centers then it merges into a stream and vibrates together, like a romantic dance.

I recommend flowers, wild flowers, flower essence to support any well

-being  program you undertake..

Buy your man or woman some flowers to bring in the all powerful heart energy.

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