Cosmetic Tattoo

Micah is a qualified cosmetic tattooist, Licensed Nurse and Natural Therapist.

You can view some of Micahs art on her fb page Cosmetic Art by Micah or visit http://www.cosmeticartbymicah. tk

Getting ready for events, and saving time, looking perfectly made up and beautiful every single moment of every day is possible – using semi-permanent makeup.

Beauty 24/7 !

Cosmetic Tattoos cover:

  • Semi-permanent eyebrows

  • Eyeliner

  • Lip liner

  • Eye shadow

  • Lip stick

  • Areola design

For people with skin conditions like vitiligo or who have lost hair due to cancer treatment, or for women who have had breast reconstruction cosmetic tattoos are useful for:

  • Replacing of nipples and areola area

  • Re-pigmenting of skin from skin conditions

  • Adding eyebrows from hair loss conditions

Permanent makeup is ideal for people who

  • Are allergic or sensitive to makeup

  • Require significant time saving

  • Prefer to have their lips looking fuller and more even

  • Have difficulty applying makeup due to motor control problems

The advantages of getting cosmetic tattoo and semi-permanent makeup are incredible. They give enhancement to your naturally beautiful features, and can correct areas of concern such as giving you fuller lips or that perfect eye liner.

Micah is wonderfully talented, compassionate and creative. She designs semi-permanent makeup in pragmatic and beautiful designs and as a qualified aesthetician helps women (and men) look and feel their best.